Strawberry Delight

This recipe is contributed by Aparna Bhave Tawde, an avid cook and mom.

This recipe is quick and delicious and also looks colorful and has jello like consistency. 

Strawberry Jello -2 packets
1 can evaporated milk
Some strawberries for decorative purposes
Whipping cream for decorative purposes

  1. Mix strawberry jello (2 small packs)as per pack instructions but cool in fridge for only half hour to 45 min until its cool but not set. 
  2. In a large bowl, whip 1 can of cold evaporated milk for 5 min 
  3. Add the cool jello and whip again till it doubles in size this takes about 5-8 min . 
  4. Put back in fridge till set. 
  5. This takes probably 3 hrs. 
  6. Before serving top it with sliced strawberries and whipping cream.

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